Honoring The Memory of A Lost Pet

Our pets are our companions, our friends, and to a great many of us – our family. The joys pets add to our life are too numerous to count and the unconditional love they bestow upon us is priceless. They see us through our ups and downs and stand unfailingly at our side and never judge us. Their one and only fault is their relatively short life span in comparison to ours. The loss of a pet is an incredibly significant and painful thing to endure. Yesterday marked the celebration of World Pet Memorial Day, which is a great time to honor and cherish the memory of pets that have passed. There are many ways that you can honor lost pets and keep their memory alive. Here are just a few:

• Create a living memorial by planting a tree, bush, or flower bed in your yard.

• Hold a memorial service for your pet at a pet cemetery, your backyard, or at a place that was special    to your pet.

• Frame a photo of your pet and put it in a special pet memorial picture frame or memorial box.

• Donate in your pet’s name to an animal shelter to help pets in need.

• When the time is right and you feel able to move on, adopt a pet in need of a home.

Grief over a lost pet is as real as any other, and it takes much time to heal. Though our cherished pets will be missed, we can honor and remember them fondly for the rest of our lives.



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